Sunday, June 21, 2009

Love Letter From Zoomdoggle

I received this wonderful and heartwarming letter from a complete stranger several months ago and I have had it posted on my bulletin board at my desk. Then, I moved it to the fridge.....then to my desk to thank Zoomdoggle. OMG, I landed on this guys blog a while back and (well you just got to go and read his offer) then come back please! LOVE LETTERS
So, I signed up, thought it would be fun. I have so enjoyed this letter. The whole hair thing really made me smile....all of it did really. Then I found this ABC News Post on his Update about "Love Letters". Please watch the ABC News Video and it will really move you!
I just think it is so cool that someone is so willing to create good feelings in this world. Think about this, he is taking the time to hand write letters to everyone who responds to that post. How exausting....and unselfish. It just amazes me. This is a framer.....this letter.......I will keep it forever. He is a dork like me.....that is why I like him and his project! I hope you will sign up too. What a wonderful example of a human being this Jake guy is. LOVE IT.......GREATNESS......


deb did it said...

Jake is full of Good Karma, and now so are YOU, my dear as the recipient of his gift. We all need more Jakes in our lives. Mine is named Matt!

Kim Mailhot said...

This is so awesome, Leslie !!! This kind of stuff gives me such hope that we can make the world a better place, one Love Letter at a time...Don't cost much, but oh, the rewards !

Much love to you and your hairdo !:)