Friday, December 29, 2006

Peak at "Ode to Klimt" Tree Mixed Media Piece

I had this idea on the drive to Midland yesterday. I wanted to do one of my funky trees with the Klimt like designs within the entire tree. So, I have been working on it and wanted to give you a sneak peak at it. This is just a little piece of it without any paint-just pencil and ink so far. I can't wait to get all the designs in so I can pencil color and watercolor it to life. Here is a little glimpse.....Maybe this weekend I can get it done. But, I want to take my time and do a good job. It will be a trial of patience for me because I normally get inpatient and hurry to much.

Have a good day! Oh and Happy Friday!!!
UPDATE: 12-30-06-Finished the piece today-so I thought I would give you the update of the finished product.

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