Saturday, December 30, 2006


I was looking at this photo of my kids and my grandmother at Christmas and decided I should share it with you. My Grandma turned 90 this year. She looks good huh? Unfortunately, the last year or two she has begun to experience some episodes of confusion and memory loss. It is so sad to see someone you love get to a point that they don't recognize their family members. However, this woman has so many family members-who can blame her? She had 8 children of her own, and they begat lots of grandchildren, and great grandchildren.

To me, Grandma was always working. She sewed for the public as long as I can remember. She and grandpa used to run the old Shamrock Gas Station in Big Spring, Texas. I remember her sewing machine was set up right at the window so she could stop sewing and go out and fill up a customer's car with gas, wash their windows and whatever else they needed. She was tough!

Here is a picture of her when she was about 16. I just recently received this photo from my Mom. I could not believe that it was grandma! Look how pretty she is. Look how she is standing kinda sexy.

So many years in between the times that each of these photos were taken. So many stories! She is a lovely lady on the inside and out. Love You Grandma!

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