Sunday, September 03, 2006

Busy Hands-Busy Mind

Boy, I have my creative juices flowing again. Seems like I had a dry spell. I have a long weekend so my creative mind is going 90 miles an hour. I made an altered dress form this weekend. I was inspired by an article in the Cloth Paper and Scissors magazine. Here it is-or rather, here is my version:

I don't know if I'm going to keep it for myself or try and present it for sale at Reneas Art Show this fall.

I did a little painting on a wooden box piece. I took apart the wooden box and used the container part for this piece. I was really inspired by an artist I found on the internet. Her faces of women are so beautiful. Here is a link to her stuff.

But, this is what I created today. My faces need work!!! I feel like they are getting worse instead of better. I get in to much of a hurry.

I am looking forward to another day off from work to explore some other art projects. I should work on the quilt I have started. I am calling it "Women of the World". It will have blocks that depict women from many cultures. I hope to get it done to donate to some womens benefit/charity group. Maybe in a couple of years it will be done-heehee. Here is block number one and block number two. I take no credit for the fabulous pictures on these fabric prints. I just quilt/embroidery them.


Rhea said...

I like the bust...of course I got to see it in person, so I feel special! What art show of Renea's and when and where will it be? Also, are you or have you done anything with that 1/2 door you got from my house?

Funky Art Queen said...

Thanks Rhea, the art show is a little gig Renea thought up. We are going to do a little fall art show at her home to help people with christmas shopping. No, I still have that half door in my art studio waiting to have a creative makeover when the mood strikes.