Saturday, July 22, 2006

mis pequeños pájaros

mis pequeños pájaros
That means "My Little Birds" in Spanish. I had to find that on an English to Spanish translator on the web. I am still working on my Mexican Folk Art Series. I have been looking at a lot of Latin, Hispanic Culture art. Seems like there is a lot of Relgious type things with crosses, Our Lady of Guadalupe, etc. Here is my most recent work. I sold the last two on ebay and I was excited about that. One lady who bought a piece was named "Sharon Stone". I thought that was funny. What if it really was Sharon Stone-the movie star!? Oh, I have arrived! Heehee

This was created with my ever so used Prisma Color pencils and water soluable oil pastels (back ground). I did this on watercolor paper (140lb) which I like much better than the smooth paper I used last week for this type of art.

I am a busy lady. Here are the other things I am working on. I have several purses and one case in progress. I have decided to make a quilt called "Women of the World" and I have started on that. We will see if that actually gets done. I am working on a Mary Kay Challenge to sell at least 30 of the Peach Satin Hands gift sets by the end of July. Shew!!! I think I must be crazy sometimes but it seems the busier I am, the happier I am. Have a happy weekend. Please comment. I love your comments!


Nancy Baumiller said...

I so love your art! So bright and colorful! This is a wonderful piece! Sharon Stone hu! How funny! Makes you really wonder hehe! Do you sell these framed? or just the art itself? I am curious sorry for being so inquisitive hehe Oh and do you use mailing tubes to ship these? And I agree about keeping busy...I feel better when I am busy than not..seems to make everything just flow so nicely!
Congrats on your sale hun!!!!YAY!

Funky Art Queen said...

Nancy, lately, I just sell them without matte frames or frames at all. I have not had an "art show" or been at a craft fair in a long time. So, it is easier to store them in folders and in a plastic case. If they sell, I mail them in those priority mail boxes-but I just leave them flat and inside a folder and tell them to be careful as "photos/pics inside". I also send a little certificate of authenticity for a nice touch. It just makes it seem more official I suppose.

Heather said...

i love your petits oiseaux, lesley. just outside my front door, hidden in a fern in a wall planter is a bird's nest with two tiny eggs. the mother keeps them warm (in florida, in the summer...) while 2 males take turns bringing her food and keeping watch. it could only be more magical if it were one of your paintings.

Carmen said...

Please contact me anytime you wish for free translations. I am Mexican and love your art ;-)