Sunday, June 25, 2006

Finding Inspiration

My friend Dene's husband painted the first picture. It was so beautiful and caught my eye immediately. I just had to take a picture of it and see if Dene would mind if I tried to paint my version of this lovely girl. So, I did! Here is my version! Only I did not paint it really. I used Prisma Colored Pencils, some gel pens and some acrylic (burnt umber-color wash) to make the wall look a little darker. Well, mine looks like a totally different girl wearing a totally different suit in a totally different room! Heehee! Maybe they are sisters or something! It was a fun experiment! Thanks Dene!


Nancy Baumiller said...

Both are very cool! I can draw people...just dont know if I can paint them lol...once I get my canvases I am going to give it a go hehehe

Rhea said...

That looks really good! I like it sis!