Sunday, April 15, 2012

Funky Altered Paintbrushes

Some how, I always come back to my little Funky Art Blog.  I know, I keep leaving and coming back.  I know I am fickle like a pickle-you don't have to tell me.  Life is cool like that though....we are ever changing, learning and growing.  We do have constants though...things, people, places, feelings and drives that are constant and ever there for us.  Funky Art Queen has long been my saving grace-she is who I lean on when times are tough.  I can remember when I first created her....was it 2006? There was so much going on in life, so much to cope with.....she saved me and helped me through that period in life.  She was where I went to escape.  All the friends I made through her and this blog, all the things I poured myself in to provided me with comfort and helped rekindle my passion for creating funky and colorful things.  JOY! 

Here I am again, kind of going through a little thing.  Change in job, husbands upcoming retirement, son about to be deployed again, missing my new grandson who is all the way in Mississippi-and a few other things.  A new chapter in life.  I'm a bit excited and a bit scared. So, friends of my altered ego....the ever brave and passionate Funky Art Queen..... and me.....we are back! For now.....

So, I still make jewelry and have a shop on Etsy and have done fairly well there.  I make enough to buy more supplies! LOL 

I still have that letterpress or printing press and have not taken the time to learn how to use it.  But it is still in my plans!

I saw the cutest little paintbrush puppets on Pinterest and had this great idea!  Altered Paintbrushes!  I would not rest until I made a bouquet of paintbrushes.  I have worked on these all week.  I think it would have been better to use wooden paintbrushes instead of ones with plastic handles as it took forever for the acrylic paint to dry! But, I wanted to recycle some that I already had here and I was impatient to get started! So here they are.  I hope you will be inspired!  I think it is cool to use the very thing that we use to make art in a way to make that thing the ART it's self! 

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