Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Project Runway Fan

OMG!  What a great shot!
I took this picture last week of our Goldie/Lord Sebastian and I did not realize that the background of the Project Runway judges would show up like this.  It looks like he is in front of the stage and he is not happy with the discussion!  LOL
I love that show!  I love the creativity and the pressure to create within budget limits and theme oriented boundaries. I noticed....during the commercials that there is a new show coming called something about accessories.  I want to do that.  Hmmmm......could I stand the pressure?  Could I work with the crazies that they bring to the show?  I don't know....but it is so exciting to watch these wonderful young and sometimes not so young people step into action and create! It's just lovely to watch.  Bravo to all of them....my heart breaks when they get voted off....I scream with joy when they win!  I'm so proud of the artists/designers for putting themselves out there!  Not the most brilliant blog post.....I know....but I just wanted to say that I am constantly inspired by this show and any shows like it!

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