Sunday, September 11, 2011

Letterpress Christmas Card

So here is a funny story.  From the moment I decided I wanted a printing press, I decided my first project would be our family Christmas card for this year.  I wanted to keep focused on something to get me going on this new adventure.  I looked and looked for the right price and a nice little tabletop press.  I found "Kelsey" on ebay and got it last week.

Here is the interesting part.  Kelsey came with some extras.  One of the extras was a (linocut stamp-I believe) that is a Christmas card that someone made.  It just gave me think that someone-maybe like me....decided she wanted a printing press and made her own Christmas cards.  Here is the linocut print that I could not wait to do by hand so I could better see the impression.
I don't really get the ship but it is well carved and still lovely.  I think it would have print better on paper better suited for this purpose but I just had to see it now.  Anyway, on the back of the carved stamp-it reads "Joe and Wendy Cards Xmas 1940 Black on Grey w/grey deckle".  I'm so thrilled to have this piece!  I think I will get some nicer paper and print in red or green and frame it as a tribute to my new found art!
This week I will be deciding on where to get my rollers and learning more about boxcar press and how to get photopolymer plates etc.  I'm also thinking about the perfect Christmas card.  I want it to be very special and unique to our family.  Thinking about a fireplace with all of our stockings hung with our names! Or maybe just a word that is the essence of Christmas to us.  That is my update for today.  

More important, it is a special day.  September 11.....a day for us to stop and remember all of those who lost their lives, loved ones, and their feeling of security on that dreadful day 9-11.  We will never forget.  

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Susan said...

I worked in commercial printing for a long time, and am familiar with letterpress. Lots of time there are attachments so you can do foil stamping with them. That's usually what we did to Christmas cards at the shop. We could also take pre-printed cards and add names and designs and such. Very cool. Have fun with it!