Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vintage Beach Decor

I want my living room to look something like this!  I found this picture weeks ago on the web and now I can't find it again to credit the photographer.  I love the light in this room.  I love the hint of colors of teal and cream.  I have decided that if I can't live on the beach, I will make my house feel like the beach.  I do not want to paint though.  I would so love to have someone do it this time.  I have painted this house so many times and I know it is a major job! My sister says that I go overboard with themes and she fully expects to see sand on the floor in the living room.  LOL


jewelry making said...

This is really a funky art queen. How about funky art princess? Maybe, I will be that little funky girl :)

Katelyn Coleman said...

Love the beach vibe!! I'm pretty sure this is a Maine Cottage photo from their Pinterest. I recognized the furniture from a couple HGTV Magazine articles. Here's the website: http://www.mainecottage.com