Friday, January 14, 2011

Custom Valentines Pillow

OK, let me just begin with has been a really bad week!  That being said, you will appreciate how happy I was to get home today to find a package from one of my best and dearest friends.  I opened it up (which took forever by the way......lots of mailing tape.....which I think she did to be ornery lol).

There were two little tissue wrapped presents.  One was a little funky bird figure with the quote "and she decided to sing her own special tune"which made my heart melt.  My husband was in the room when I opened it and when I showed him the bird and the words.... we agreed that my dear friend knows me too well!  LOL

Then I opened the little pillow (above) with the picture of my new little grandbaby Caden on it and I laughed out loud.  I just squealed with delight.  Oh, my little grandbaby Caden.  Oh it is so lovely how she did this pillow.  She's a genius I tell you!  She grabbed this pic off facebook and used it to make this lovely and personalized heart pillow for me!  I just hugged that pillow and I quickly decided that this was a personal call thank you situation and not an email or card thank you kind of thing.

Renea has an Etsy shop called "Pocket Full of Prettys"-you can click here to get there!  I'm sure if you contact her, she would be glad to take a custom order.

Isn't it funny how friends and the universe just know when you need a little somethin somethin from a dear friend.  xoxo

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