Friday, June 20, 2008

Etsy Pounce

Help I'm Pouncing and I can't stop. I gotta get ready for work but all I want to do is Pounce on Etsy! I love the randomness of it. I usually look at the "just sold" part but occasionally I will look and the new and undiscovered Etsy items. If you have not pounced yet, go over and give it a try and don't be surprised if you have a little trouble stopping.

I'm going to be updating my shop this weekend! So be watching for some new stuff. Tonight I will be posting about an awsome sale I will be having this weekend starting tomorrow at 9:am through 5 pm on Sunday. Happy Friday, Oh thank the Lord! Yay!


jennalee said...

I love etsy too, so inspirational. Happy Friday and Weekend.

Janet said...

I've never "Pounced" so I'm off to give it a try. If I get addicted I'm blaming you!!

Sacred Snatch said...

Thanks, Thats just what I need, another addiction. I have been picking up a lot of them lately! Have you tried lol, anyway, that pouncing sure is fun!