Saturday, February 24, 2007

Blue Bird's House

I have worked on this piece for over 2 months on and off. I wanted to make it a kind of "journal" birdhouse. Another example of "no rules" art.

After I journaled on both sides of the roof, I let it sit for some time before I could decide if I liked it or not. You know how you just can't seem to finish a piece because it is not going where you want? Well, it has been sitting, unfinished and sad in my studio for some time. I decided this would be a weekend of finishing unfinished projects. Hence, the completion of this "Blue Bird's House".

I journaled on both sides of the roof-first with a simple ink pen-I just pressed extra hard so as to "engrave" the surface, then with gold leaf (I dotted my pen into the gold leaf to fill in the "engraved" areas with gold. Here is the journal entry-not completely exactly as this piece-but close I am sure.
I used to see my mother chewing a blue-green colored gum. When I asked her where she got it, she would reply, "from a little blue bird". I did not understand why she had a special bird that would bring her treats. (Oh, how young minds think). She als0 referred to this "blue bird" whenever she demonstrated that she knew secrets about me or someone else. "A little Blue Bird told Me", she would say.

I was not real happy with this blue bird. He did not bring me gum and he was a tattle tail! I could not understand why he did not come and see me.

Then I grew up, and I finally understood. There are just some things that children should not know. Every mother has a blue bird whether she refers to him or not. He is present. Now I realize that my mother was brilliant!

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Hanna said...

I love birdhouses, and a journal one is very cool! I also like your journal artist oganizer! Very nice! I need one too I think