Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Funky Paper Tote Bag Purse

I finally finished a tote bag much like my last blog entry on the magazine handbag. This one was created for my new friend at work; Marissa. I took several of her personal/family photos and I either scanned them or used the originals to create this funky tote.

This project is just another idea that sprang from the magazine purse. This one was a little more difficult for some reason. I really wanted to use vinyl instead of contact paper to make it stronger. However, my sewing machine did not like the vinyl and I could not get it (the sewing machine) to sew this stuff. So, since I wanted so much to make this purse and since I am so impatient...I just used the contact paper. Well, I spent hours (probably not really hours but it felt like it) trying to get the tension on the sewing machine to sew the seams on this purse properly. Anyway...long story short...I finally got it done.
I don't know if I am going to make any more of these unless I get obsessed enough to figure out how to get the sewing machine to sew proper stiches on this mixture of fibers. Oh! Too much to think about, the needle size, the fabric type, the thread, the "upper tension" and the "lower tension". It is just not my personality to worry about so many details. But, I kind of find it a test of my patience and endurance!
One side of this purse is about the romance of this couple (Marissa and her husband). The other side is about the children. I hope she likes it! I hope it stays together for at least a week or two~! Heehee

I'm also working on a free style quilted handbag inspired by Teesha Moore. I am almost finished and I can hardly wait to show it to you. So...this week it is purses and handbags! Why? I have no idea! Just go with it.


artsyfran said...

I had a similar problem with vinyl. All you need to do is put tissue paper (like the stuff they wrap clothes in!) on either side of the vinyl. :) I did something with vinyl on my site if you want to see.

Kyla said...

I loved looking at your blog and all the stuff you dabble in. In looking at your photos it seems we have gone down some of the same paths. I am currenlty trying to stay near the fiber, floss, cloth path, but seem to detour frequently.
Can't wait to get my Funky Purse.

Zephyr Poet said...

Wow! Your creativity is AMAZING!!!!!!! I am in awe. =]

Wendy V said...

I love your magazine bag. How did you do it? I've been looking for something to get motivate kids about recycling at school. Purses ought to do it!