Monday, May 30, 2016

About Sewing on Vinyl

The top handbag is my most recent piece of art. LOL.   Sewing on "marine vinyl" is not for the weak hearted. I had to "google" every trick in the book. You need to understand some of the basics of Vinyl before you start a project. I'm telling you this because I started the project before I knew.....which is typical of all of my projects.

First, let me just say that vinyl is sticky and does not like to feed forward. It sticks and refuses to move without feeding with your hand from the back side and pulling from the other hand from the inside. Plus, after much research.....I learned that you must get a teflon foot which helps to feed the material through. You can also tape your foot with scotch tape-but the teflon foot was like 3.00 and well worth it.

You will also want to do some trials on some pieces of the fabric (vinyl) that you are going to use to test out the tension and stitch length.

Apparently, the weight of your thread is important, and you want to use a heavy cotton thread for this type of project. I did not really get into this part and still I had some tension issues.

FORGET about pressing your seams with vinyl. It is not going to happen. There is no trick. So you need to think about that before you begin a project.  What was really difficult about the top left purse was that it required top stitching. It took me 30 minutes to pull the entire top of the purse/lining through for top stitching. I love the outcomes, but I want to learn more about how to make this project easier. I have some canvas waiting for some heavy duty lime green vinyl. Don't know if I'm scared or challenged. LOL

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Artful Handbag

So, now I think I am a handbag designer. LOL. Lately, I have been obsessed with purses and handbags-making them.  What better way to feed your obsession than with Pinterest. Handbags are so personal to us girls. I think it is funny that we cradle them like a baby when it is raining-so they don't get wet. I also think it is funny that people spend thousands of dollars on designer handbags. I could never do that.....the most I have spent on a purse is about 400.00 for a Brighton purse-and that was a moment of weakness that I really needed something special. I could not do it alone-so I recruited my husband (via telephone) to give me his support on this purchase since I was emotionally spent during a work crisis.  But, I treat this object like a baby and I find myself protecting it from the rain.....any hardships that would hurt my baby. It is just weird......but satisfying. 

Every woman should have a purse/handbag that makes her feel and original. Lately, I have been looking at all the purses you all are carrying....and there are so many designs and sizes! I have this fantasy that I will be a handbag designer and make the perfect bag. Of course I will do a survey to find out what it is that you feel makes the perfect handbag.  Then, I will set out to make the perfect purse.....but only for the artsy girls. I can't make boring, "classic", one color shit.  I will find a way to figure out what the hippie girls, gypsy spirits, and creative souls want. That is the only way I can do it. 

Picasso said, "

That brings me to my next point. I don't really have that much experience to create handbags on my I had to start with a pattern. I found a pattern to create tote bags and decided to just learn the basics so I could tweak on my own. I made two purses from this pattern by See and Sew. 

Love the tote, but I wanted something a little more original. I wanted to paint my own fabric.  I wanted to use leather or vinyl. I wanted to have something that mixed fabrics. So, I set out to paint some canvas with my designs. 

Then I had to figure out how to add the fabulous red vinyl material to this look.

I loved the look when I was done....and I was so happy that I did not follow all the rules. I started out learning all the rules of the I could break them like an artist! I am happy with my finished product. All a study in sewing, designing, and freedom of the creative process. Very happy with my results. 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Clay Bunnies
I have not stopped creating or thinking about creating wonderful things. I seem to spend so much time at work that I can't get to my crafts. Art is where I go in my mind when everything else is kind of crazy. Lately, paper clay has been my art form. I have all kinds of pieces I have sculpted that need painting. I have ideas for more pieces in my head. I need to get my journals out to sketch out my ideas so as not to forget. Anyway, here are some little bunnies. I am liking blacks and whites, tans and browns lately.....lines, dots, patterns.  

We are so excited lately around the Chandler household as we are going to have our second grandchild. She is due Jan 15th. They are naming her Charlotte Rose! That is so beautiful to me. I can hardly wait to meet my little granddaughter. She is going to be born in Spain which starts her life out really cool don't you think? 

We had our one year anniversary of our move to Austin, TX. on December 24th this year. The year went so fast. It has been a great move. We love it here. I love the people, the big city and all it has to offer in terms of entertainment and activities. We do not regret our decision to move here in any way. 

My job is going great and I so love the people I work with.

The family is doing well and we can't complain about one thing! God is good. So there is your update about the long absent Funky Art Queen. 

Saturday, March 08, 2014

In The Mood For Clay

Since we moved to Austin, I have not been able to get my groove on with my crafts! I have dabbled a little in my journals and started a couple of acrylic paintings. I just don't have all my stuff organized! I may work on that today! I'm feeling like messing with some paper clay today. I started a new board on pinterest for clay art and so I have been getting all kinds of inspirations. So, maybe soon I will have something to show you!

We bought kayaks last week and we were really hoping to try them out today but it is raining! Poo! It just may be a weekend in the house! We will see.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mixed Media Collage Journal Entry

City Night Life! 
Lesley Chandler 10/15/13 

Sunday, September 08, 2013

Journal Art Weekend

I spent most of the weekend on journal art. I have been thinking about why journaling is good.  What is the point? It occurred to me that if you need a point....then it is not art! So I'm settling into the idea that this is what IS my creative place right now.  So, I go there....and do what I feel.  I ordered some journal supplies today.....and I'm excited about that.   I'm also thinking about journal prompts....things that will inspire us to get into our journals today.....

Journal Prompts